Well Repair at Goro Primary School

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Clean Water Again!

A compilation of the repair of the bore hole well at Goro Primary School. The well stopped working 3 years ago in 2013 and now after repairs by ARDSO is providing potable water again!

Akello and Her New Stove

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Akello Filder lives in the village of Wigweng near Bobi, Uganda. ARDSO taught her how to assemble and install a Six-Brick Rocket Stove in her home.

The insulating bricks are made in Aid Africa’s own kiln near Gulu and brought out to the villages. Filder had been cooking over a traditional open fire that consumed a lot of wood and filled her home with smoke.
3 rock fireplace
“In this place we do not have many trees left for firewood,” said Filder. “This stove has helped so much because now I use less firewood. The stove keeps in the heat and makes it easier for us to cook.”

She says that the black spot you see on the wall is from her old open fire. “I mudded this stove in the same spot. Otherwise this stove does not make much smoke.”

Filder is just one of thousands of women who have benefited from Aid Africa’s Six Brick Rocket Stove.

A donation of just $25 will help ARDSO install one Six-Brick Rocket Stove.

We’ve Got Bricks!

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We have 80,000 – enough for 10,000 stoves. We hire extra brick makers during the dry season (Nov. through March) to get ahead.

This inventory supports our village distribution events that we do year round.

Headed home

These efficient stoves will:

  • burn less fuel
  • cook better
  • reduce smoke-induced eye infections
  • reduce the risk of castostophic burns and fires
  • lead to better lives