Director’s Report May 2016

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10,000 Stoves, 25,000 Trees, Clean Water and Much More!

stoves and trees

Click on the image below to read how much your donations have meant to the people of rural Uganda.
Report Cover

Size Matters

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Developing Mangoes in Our Orchard for a Better Return

ARDSO Executive Director Peter Keller is showing off a common small mango and the big variation that we have developed from grafts in our orchard. We started with a planting three years ago. The small fruit sells in the marketplace at 500 shillings for ten mangoes. The big new mangoes pictured here sells for 2000 shillings each. That brings more money back to the families that we help.

Betty’s Stove

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Betty Odongo loves her ARDSO rocket stove!

Betty Odongo
“ARDSO rocket stoves have brought a life changing moment in my life. It produces just minimal emissions as compared to the traditional cooking fire that we have grown using it. Never again will I get chocked by smoke I used to experience, I was at a very high risks of blindness and lung infections because of the too much smoke produced by our traditional open stove. The fuel usage has reduced because of this rocket stove; I cook beans just in 2 to 3 hours while the open fire I would spend 5 to 6 hours cooking beans. I am asking for more since this one has taken long and I keep on repairing it myself. Big thank you to ARDSO.”