Building a Sheltered Spring

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building a sheltered spring

Here’s one of our sheltered spring projects “in process.” Sheltering the spring provides easy access to the water and reduces the disease and parasites found in the water itself.

Replanting a Ravaged Region

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Women are key in making sure trees are planted and nurtured and grown. They know the trees will provide food and fire wood , shade and jobs for their futures.


Without firewood women walk many miles to get wood, sometimes putting themselves at risk. More real stories how planting trees is just the beginning.

Year End Update: Helping Entire Communities Every Day

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a child's eyes

Dear ARDSO Supporter:

The excited eyes of a mom receiving her Rocket Stove, or hope in her eyes when we drive her child to life-saving medical care, the joy in the eyes of boys and girls picking the first fruit from their family’s new tree and the awe in the eyes of a whole village as they see clean water flowing–these eyes are looking into your eyes and saying thank you to you and all of the other generous supporters of ARDSO.  Look! and you’ll see the love sent to you from people just like you who have received your help.

It’s been an amazing year for  thanks to people like you! We continue our work – staff, volunteers, supporters together – creating sustainable development for the very poor people we serve. Numbers alone can’t tell the whole story of how we’re all working together – every day – to save and uplift lives in Uganda. Only the “eyes” in Uganda can do that.

The numbers map the progress we’re making day-by-day, year-by-year, and they help us see we’re making significant improvements in the lives of people and entire villages. In 2013, ARDSO, with your support, has done so much good:

In 2013 ARDSO:

  • Distributed more than 5,000 Rocket Stoves. That’s over 5,000 families or about 28,000 people living in smoke-free homes.
  • Completed 32 Water Projects, each serving about 800 people. That’s a total of about 25,000 people with clean water!
  • Distributed about 25,000 fruit trees to 7,000 families. They will provide both food and a start of an economy for 35,000 people.

kids pumping clean water from newly repaired well

Our staff visits the rural villages every day to bring a better life and a hopeful future to the very poor people we serve. And we’ve been doing it now for seven years. We are forever grateful to you for changing the lives of thousands of people. Your continuing generosity is amazing!

But we’re not done yet! There is so much more to do. Demand for our Rocket Stoves far outstrips our capacity. People love having our trees and many are mature enough now to bear fruit – for the first time. Our clean water efforts save children, especially from deadly diseases. We need your help to make this possible.

There are so many ways you can help the people in Uganda:

  • Send money. Let us know you’ll make  monthly donations so we can plan.
  • Call and email your friends encouraging them to give.
  • Host a house party. We’ll provide you with all the information and materials.
  • Make presentations to organizations you already belong to (we’ll help).
  • Go to Uganda. See for yourself (it’s beautiful!)
  • Let us know if you’d like to help in some other way.

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