six brick rocket stove

Rocket Stoves

One half of the world cooks on open fires.

smoky fireSmoke from open fires leads to constant eye irritation, scarring and blindness. Particulates in smoke and other emissions irritate the lungs causing respiratory diseases. The danger of burns is real and thatched roof houses frequently catch fire, easily spreading throughout the camps and villages further devastating the lives of the people who must live there.

Efficient cooking stoves save lives, bring people out of poverty and help the environment.

Our Six Brick Rocket Stoves:

  • Use half the firewood of traditional fires
  • Emit just a quarter of the particulate matter (less smoke)
  • Need about half the time collecting firewood – it’s safer for the women and children
  • Decreases diseases caused by smoke and poison gasses
  • Reduces the risk of burns – especially to young children who may fall into a fire
  • Reduces the risk of fire, possibly igniting a grass thatch roof that can spread
  • Take half the time to cook
  • They are easier to use
  • Women have more time for other activities – That’s reduced poverty!

The Rocket Stove is made from six special bricks that are made from local materials. These bricks are very lightweight and will float on water. Their purpose is to act as insulation and keep the fire very hot so the fuel will burn up completely. Smoke is unburned fuel. An efficient fire has very little smoke.

six brick rocket stoveThe Rocket Stove has been invented, designed, and improved over a number of years by engineers. It looks deceptively simple and primitive, but it is based on the best scientific principles. It is designed to be very inexpensive, easy to mass produce, and intended to help the most people. The current design uses 46% less fuel for cooking than an open fire, and produces 75% less emissions.

women_carrying_bricks_stovesLook at the joy on these women’s faces as they carry the stoves they have made to their homes.  These stoves help create a safer home by reducing air polution and burn hazards and give them a new lease on life.

New and Improved!

Our long time staff member Issa and our summer 2016 intern Christina assemble the new rocket stove design for the first time!